4WD Service

Our 4WD mechanics offer the very best in all types of 4WD servicing, from a simple Minor service to custom fabrication or diesel tuning and suspension lift kits to tailor your needs. Full mechanical repairs and various 4x4 accessories

We are your one stop shop for all those performance upgrades your looking for.

Servicing & Repairs

Here at Kaiapoi Repowers our team of 4WD specialists know how to look after your vehicle.

We have been involved with all aspects of 4WDriving for more than 30 years, not only is it our business but it is our passion. We have a wealth of experience in offroading, 4WD competition and just about anything else to do with 4WDriving.

We have over 600 square metres of specialist 4WD workshop and a dediciated team of 4WD expert technicians.

We are equipped to offer the very best in quality 4×4 specialist service and repair.

We specialize in diesel performance enhancements,injector pump modification/service and exhaust systems

We also specialists in 4×4’s that are used in a harsh environment so you will have peace of mind wherever your travels take you. In addition we provide comprehensive invoicing for all work done and parts used, preventive maintenance reports to alert you to potential problems

4WD Repairs

Whether you need just some minor repairs or a complete 4WD overhaul we are equipped to handle it. Here are just some of the services that we offer at Kaiapoi Repowers:

  • Minor/Standard/Major services
  • Fabrication airboxs/snorkles/bar work
  • Engine transplants cars and 4x4s
  • Exhaust, full systems,dump pipes and repairs
  • Turbo kits and upgrades
  • Injector pumps/ servicing and performance upgrades
  • Reconditioned injectors
  • Suspension lift kits and accessories
  • Diesel dyno tuning
  • Cooling system service & repairs
  • Brake repairs
  • Clutch overhauls
  • Swivel housing and front axle overhauls
  • Diff locks/ winch repairs and servicing
  • Steering repairs
  • Suspension repairs and upgrades
  • Axle conversions
  • 4x4 accessories
  • Fuel system repairs
  • Gearbox overhauls & repairs
  • Transfer case overhauls & repairs
  • Differential overhauls & gear upgrades
  • All types of Mechanical repairs
  • Auto Electrical repairs
  • Pre trip inspections

Please ask if you need a service that isn't listed here, we should be able to help.