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This is a complete turbo upgrade that can offer from 30 – 100% increase at the wheels (tuning required.)

Most suited to all 1HDT hydraulic and electronic automatic transmissions and 1HDT -FT manual/automatic transmissions.


  • This is a super responsive turbo with good efficiency, delivers best all-around output
  • Maximum output up to 240 rwhp / 180 rwkw
  • Designed boost pressure between 10-26psi max
  • 100% bolt-on turbo minus waste gate actuator (no modifications required)
  • Gasket set and Studs included


Super responsive – can deliver 18 psi by 1800 rpm. This turbo is ideal for automatic vehicles that can pull from low rpm


General Results for 1HDT - 1HDT -FT

  • From 140-240 rwhp
  • From 300-550 nm


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