• px2 ford ranger

    px2 ford ranger

    This ute drove straight to krae from the factory. Leaving proud with a efs suspension lift kit fitted by us.…

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  • Adams 80

    Adams 80

    Adams 80 petrol with plenty of mods, ironman bar and snorkel, winch, lift kit, 35inch tyres and custom bar work…

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  • Y60 Patrol

    Y60 Patrol

    EFS 5inch lift kit before and after photos.

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  • Safi’s BMW

    Safi’s BMW

    E39 BMW 5 series, repowered with a 347 ford stroker, was making 350RWHP na carburetted, now part way through complete…

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  • Murrays 350

    Murrays 350

    350 Chev, alloy heads howards cam, hyper pistons roller rockers, airgap intake, force electronic ignition, photos before it was put…

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  • Mike Dredges

    Mike Dredges

    Progress photos of Mike's truck, far to many mods to even start listing but look out when it's finished.

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  • Coris Patrol

    Coris Patrol

    My GU, wanted a good tow vehicle, many mods net result was 193RWHP TD42TI.

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